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My name is Jaymie Jones.
   Welcome to my songwriting site. I'm a singer/songwriter from Nebraska, and a founding member of two bands: my current duo, Belles & Whistles, with my daughter Kelli, and previously, Mulberry Lane, with my 3 sisters. Music has always been a huge part of my life, from my first professional gig at age 12, to performances all over the US and in 8 countries. From national TV to small coffee houses, the only thing that rings true, in any circumstance, is playing songs I wrote from my heart. Some songs I've had the privilege to play in front of many people, I wrote at my kitchen table at 2am, or sitting on my laundry room floor, when the clothes needed folding. Often times, during a live show, I recall where I was when I wrote a song, who or what inspired it. I am incredibly grateful because sometimes, my songs seem to mean something to others, and as we linger in that moment, we are connected.

  The purpose of this site is to post my catalogue of songs for streaming, which you can find by clicking on the SoundCloud link. Other social media connections are listed as well. For a list of upcoming performance dates, please click on the Belles & Whistles website link, and once there, check out our tour page.

Much love, and thanks for listening,